Walking Trails

The Cape Cod National Seashore has nine trails through varied terrain. Brochures are available at the Inn's Reception Desk, Cape Cod National Seashores visitor's centers and trailheads. A few of the trails are.

Fort Hill Trail: Eastham - 1 _ miles. Allow at least one hour for the entire walk. This trail crosses open field, connects with Red maple Swamp Trail, and offers spectacular views of Nauset marsh and Nauset spit. Moderate walking difficulty.

Red Maple Swamp Trail: Eastham - _ mile. Allow a minimum of thirty minutes. Trail loops through the heart of the Red Maple Swamp. Trail is most colorful in the fall. Moderate walking difficulty.

Atlantic White Cedar Swamp: Wellfleet - 1 _ miles. Allow one hour to walk this trail. This trail descends through a stunted oak and pine forest into mature woodlands, leads to a boardwalk that loops through the picturesque Atlantic White Cedar swamp. Moderate difficulty.

Great Island Trail: Wellfleet - 3 miles (one way). Allow 3 to 5 hours to explore. This trail rambles along sandy stretches between the elevated heights of Great Island and Great Beach Hill, offering spectacular vistas. Very difficult.

Pilgrim Spring Trail: Truro - _ mile loop. Path leads to a site representative of where the Pilgrim's drank their first fresh water in New England. Easy walking.

Frost Fish Creek Trail: Orleans - Heading north on Route 28 toward Orleans; take a left onto a dirt road just past the old laundry area, just before the creek runs under the road. Trail proceeds west along the creek and marsh. At the end on the trail, take a left and proceed approximately 45 feet and then take the path up the ridge to return to the parking area. Approx. 45 minutes to an hour.

Barclay Ponds Trail: Chatham - Old Queen Anne Road and Training Field Road. The entrance to the trail is at the yield sign, 20 feet south of the telephone pole #38 in the intersection. Park in the field (Crowell's Pit) north of the entrance. A quiet woodsy walk, up and down hill. Approx _ hour.

Honeysuckle Lane: Chatham - Off Stage Harbor Road. At the bottom of the hill, on the left side of the road are two short trails leading to the Old Ice Pond. The right side of the road near a telephone pole and alongside a narrow stream is a short walk featuring white cedar trees, leading to other trails in and around Cedar Swamp.
The Cape Cod Rail Trail follows a former railroad right of way for 25 miles through the towns of Chatham, Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, Eastham and Wellfleet. Its paved surface, few hills, and well-marked automobile crossings make it ideal for cyclists. The trail has a wide unpaved shoulder on one side to accommodate horseback riding, walkers and runners.